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Valid 08 July until 14 July

You've come to the right place to read the latest Staples flyer! View the latest Staples flyer below valid from 08 July until 14 July. Check reviews, share your opinion and read about products of the catalogues.You can also view all available catalogues from the same category to compare same products in other shops. If you are interested in getting the best deals from Staples, please subscribe for our newsletter. Check reviews, share your opinion and read about products of the catalogues.

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Staples is an American office supply chain store founded in 1986 by two businessmen, Leo Kahn and Thomas G. Stemberg. The idea of this store came do Stemberg who once, during his work needed a ribbon for his printer, but there was no opened store that day, because it was the Independence Day holiday. This little story led Stemberg to the idea of a store specialized in office supply. It was the originaly idea that Steamberg and Kahl made real, and after a succesful beggining the store was full of office machines, office furniture, technology e t c. Staples is nowadays an international company that have in its possession 3,856 stores, and is devided in two subsidiaries for Argentina and Brazil (Staples Argentina) and Canada (Staples Canada).

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